SANBAG – Ryder Natural Gas Vehicle Project

Project Benefits

The SANBAG Ryder Natural gas truck project will create and sustain more than 400+ United States jobs. Not only will jobs be generated, but transportation professionals will be trained to understand and interact with natural gas technologies. Training will be provided by Ryder to those driving natural gas vehicles, including natural gas engine maintenance, on-board LNG tank maintenance, CNG tank inspections, fuel station operations and routine maintenance, natural gas truck driver training, and fire department & emergency responders training.

The SANBAG/Ryder natural gas truck project will provide the following additional benefits:

  • Displace 1.51 million gallons of diesel fuel use with 100% domestically produced low carbon natural gas
  • Use nearly 3.0 million gallons of domestically produced low carbon LNG
  • Create and sustain 400+ U.S. green automotive jobs located in regions of the country hardest hit from the current economic downturn
  • Reduce 9.2 million pounds (4,194 metric tons) of GHG emissions annually
  • Reduce 131 tons of NOx reductions annually
  • Completely eliminate 2.65 tons of diesel PM emissions from local neighborhoods
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